Eco-friendly enterpreneurship

Connecting you with companies

that do business sustainably

GreenHive is the B2B platform for sourcing sustainably

Discover eco-friendly companies that can help you with your business needs.

1. Suppliers

Do you need to find a source for vegan leather?  Or perhaps recycled wood?


  • Find raw materials or synthetic innovations that are sustainably sourced or produced

2. Private Label

Do you need help with creating your own eco-friendly brand from product to branded packaging?


  • Collaborate with trustworthy and experienced companies to build your exciting business.

3. Packaging

Are you planning to have a new, elegant, environmentally friendly package?


  • Our partners will make sure to enclose your product in eco-friendly containers or packaging.

5. Consultancy

Are you new to the sustainable field? Would you like to discuss your options as a sustainable company?


  • Find experts to help you become a profitable and environmentally friendly business.

4. Products for Reselling

▪ Do you plan to resell eco-friendly cleaning supplies, or even toys? either way, we have the right source for you.


  • Be a responsible reseller of sustainable products.

Benefits of sourcing on Greenhive


With an elegant, one-stop directory, we simplify the process of searching for sustainable companies that meet your needs.


We include companies whose vision, mission, products and services are truly beneficial for the environment and human health.

Differentiation and a Positive Image

Earn consumer trust and differentiate yourself from the competition by incorporating sustainability in your business.

Benefits on enlisting on Greenhive


Connect with startups and SMEs that want to build eco-friendly & responsible businesses.


Be part of a genuine community that unanimously values sustainability.

Our business sectors

We provide convenient access to a wide range of eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers across multiple industries.