Our Reason for Being

“Why isn’t there a directory that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to find eco-friendly suppliers, or one that simplifies complex information about a supplier’s sustainability?”

This is the question that led to the creation of GreenHive.

We know how time consuming it is to find eco-friendly suppliers. They’re a needle in a haystack on search engine results. When you do find one, how many tabs must you open, and how many FAQs must be read to see if they are actually sustainable? How is one eco-friendly alternative better than another?

What Drives Us


If nature dies, life dies. But consumerism drives the depletion of natural resources. GreenHive is determined to help build a world where every product is created with as little harm as possible to our planet’s health.

Respect for Life

We as humans share this planet with other living things. But we continue to destroy their homes. The protection of natural habitat is a strong value that drives GreenHive.

Value for the Community

GreenHive is passionate about delivering value to entrepreneurs who want to do business sustainably. We are committed to providing tools and resources that will help you create the best eco-friendly brand possible.


We are daring and determined to create innovative opportunities and services that will help eco-friendly businesses succeed.

Our Team

We come from diverse backgrounds, but we unanimously value sustainability. We want to contribute to the protection and preservation of the planet for all its inhabitants. With passion and an innovative drive, we hope to pave the way for sustainable entrepreneurship to become the norm.