EcoEnclose offers recycled, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable packaging and shipping supplies. They focus on e-commerce brands, and offer a platform to help brands and consumers adopt the best environmental practices.


Bag (mailer)
Box (mailer)
Box (product)
Box (shipping)
Cards (note)
Copy Paper
Hang Tag
Protective Packaging
Shopping Bag (paper)
Tape (packaging)

About EcoEnclose


  • Recycled Paper
  • Naturally biodegradable materials

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • Naturally biodegradable and compostable in backyard and industrial composting facilities


  • EcoEnclose creates eco-friendly products by following a set of processes and princples called the “Sustainable Packaging Framework“.
  • First, the company designs for maximum circularity by using as much recycled content as possible.
  • Second, they view naturally biodegradable solutions as the only defense against plastic pollution. Therefore, they do not design for compostability.
  • Third, EcoEnclose considers the entire lifecycle of their products to reduce Green House Gas emissions and agricultural pollution.
  • Finally, the company believes that “true sustainability must run deep”, and requires continuous innovation to make packaging solutions more carbon-efficient, recycle-friendly, and regenerative over time.

Sustainability Programs

Together with their partners and customers, EcoEnclose created the “EcoAlly Community” platform. They educate and incentivize end-consumers to reuse and recycle, as well as to work with public agencies to increase recycling infrastructure investments.


The company was created because they believe in a future driven by a circular economy and regenerative materials production. They imagine a day when goods are endlessly recycled or reused; a day when virgin materials are made from regenerative resources whose production strengthens soils, waterways, habitats, air quality, and local communities.


EcoEnclose believes in a future where humans and the earth are thriving together, where humans are a net positive contributor to the planet. In this future, environmentally conscious e-commerce brands are large contributors to this mutually sustainable ecosystem between people and planet.


The company exists to catalyze and support the e-commerce community in becoming a sustainable and regenerative force for the environment.

They want to achieve this by: (1) offering the world’s most sustainable e-commerce packaging solutions, (2) helping responsible brands adopt eco-minded practices, and (3) becoming an “ecologically net positive” company themselves by 2030.


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