Ecolutions supplies 100% compostable, biodegradable, and plastic-free food containers made from sugarcane bagasse.


Cup (disposable)
Cutlery (disposable)
Takeaway Box

About Ecolutions


  • Sugarcane Bagasse

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • Bagasse, an agricultural byproduct from sugarcane extraction, is given a second life as material for paper. It is an alternative to tree-based paper.
  • Ecolution’s bagasse products do not need an additional plastic lining to be grease or water resistant. On the other hand, many traditional paper-based containers are often lined with a type of plastic called polyethylene (PE).


  • The leftover sugarcane waste turns into a dry pulpy residue called Bagasse.
  • This waste is collected and processed into paper-like material and turned into Ecolution packaging containers.
  • The natural composition of bagasse, combined with Ecolution’s manufacturing process, create a natural oil and moisture-resistant barrier.
  • This results in products that are 100% plastic free and compostable. They biodegrade into the environment with no plastic or chemical residue.

Sustainability Programs

  • Ecolutions partners with local groups and non-profit organizations that focus on tree planting and plastic-free initiatives.


Ecolutions was founded by a mother-daughter team in 2019. They realized that during gatherings at their temple, food was always served using plastic spoons, plastic cups, and paper plates lined with plastic. At that time, the daughter was already researching material options to create compostable and eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic.

For months they conducted research, until they discovered how sugarcane bagasse can be a suitable material to create food containers in place of single-use plastic.


Ecolutions is on a mission to replace all kinds of single-use plastic with REAL eco-friendly alternatives.


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