Biobased, compostable, and fully customizable packaging for your products according to your specifications. The packaging consists of natural ingredients which is injected into custom moulds and baked into a shape fitting your product


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Medical Packaging

About Paperfoam


  • Industrial starch
  • Natural fibers
  • Water
  • Premix, consisting of colour and preservatives (no harmful substances

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Reduces the carbon footprint by 90%
  • Reduces the packaging weight up to 40% compared to regular packaging
  • Energy efficient molding process


  • All ingredients are mixed in blender to make a slurry,
  • Slurry is injected in a machine to bake slurry in customized molding.
  • Very low water is used in this entire process.
  • Wind and solar power is used when available.

Sustainability Programs

Using PaperFoam over regular packaging would reduce your carbon footprint by 90%.


“PaperFoam® sustainable packaging is environment-friendly during its entire lifecycle. The ingredients are biobased, compostable, and renewable. Energy-efficient and low-carbon manufacturing makes for material that is compostable at home or recyclable with paper. Nature itself breaks down the material in a matter of weeks – pollution-free with no harmful leftovers. Our certified sustainable packaging is a responsible and eco-friendly solution for both manufacturers and consumers.”


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